art museum architecture design

Art Museum Architecture Design

Design: Sanhai Design

 Area: 4000 ㎡

 Address: Chengdu City

 Construction objective: An art museum architecture for contemporary artists to host art exhibitions

Content: Integrated design of architecture, landscape, and interior decoration

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A museum architecture master plan of a white house surrounded by plants
new Chinese style white museum building
A man walking on the white stairs
Black humanoid standing sign stand on the stairs and lawn of the white museum building
green plants and white wall
A lotus flower is placed on the display stand in the exhibition hall of the art museum
Sunlight shines on a wall of plants covered by glass
Light and shadow art of black and white photo wall in cafe
There is a statue with a naked red upper body in an empty art museum architecture exhibition hall, and a ray of sunlight shines on him
A woman in a black dress admires art paintings on the wall
In the dark art museum architecture, light shines through the far door. On the right there is a man quietly admiring the work on the wall.
Quiet lighting atmosphere in the hall of the art museum building
architecture museum hall
Three abstract science fiction paintings are displayed in a corner of the art museum

Art Museum Architecture Construction

Construction site of the art museum architecture
art museum architectural construction drawings

Construction site coordination

Gold Medal for Art Museum Architectural Design
Silver Medal for Art Museum Architectural Design
Medal for Art Museum Architectural Design

Art Museum Architecture Design

Art and architecture have always been intertwined, with each influencing and inspiring the other. In the field of art museum architecture, this relationship is taken to new heights, as art museum architects strive to create spaces that not only display art, but the museum architecture itself becomes a work of art. The art museum architecture and interior design is a delicate dance between form and function, where every detail is carefully considered to enhance the visitor's experience and elevate the artworks on display. Feel free to contact us!