professional architecture design for office building

Office Building Interior Architecture Design

Design: Sanhai Design

Address: Chengdu

Area: 35000㎡

Project: High quality scientific and technological innovation space design for "Xing Gui Zhi Gu"

Construction objective: Kindergarten School architecture design and interior design

The design content of the architecture design project includes municipal road design, exterior floodlighting design, landscape design, and integrated area creation design of interior decoration design.

The design and construction goals of this project are aimed at ecological technology and future office experience; With the theme of technological innovation and young shared office elements; Extract elements from the field of technology and aerospace, simplify complexity, and adopt a diverse and youthful color combination to create a new era shared office space that integrates fashionable technology, diverse sharing, and green ecological characteristics, with industry as the center, ecology as the carrier, and wisdom as the support.

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Small Library Design

Office Building Architecture Design

The architecture design project encompasses the design of municipal roads, exterior floodlighting, landscape, and integrated interior decoration. Its design and construction goals are centered around ecological technology and creating a futuristic office experience. The theme focuses on technological innovation and shared office elements for a youthful ambiance. Drawing inspiration from technology and aerospace, the design aims to simplify complexity and incorporate a diverse, youthful color palette. The ultimate aim is to create a contemporary shared office space that integrates fashionable technology, diverse collaboration, and green ecological features, with a focus on industry, sustainability, and innovation.