Futurism Exhibition Hall Design

China Petroleum Exhibition Hall Interior Design

Design: Sanhai Design

Address: Chengdu

Project: Exhibition Interior Design of Achievements of China Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute

The futuristic style exhibition hall interior design boasts a sleek and minimalist design, with clean lines and a predominantly monochromatic color scheme. The hall features cutting-edge technology integrated seamlessly into the space, with interactive digital displays and holographic projections showcasing the exhibits. The lighting is dynamic and adjustable, creating an immersive and dynamic atmosphere. The furniture and fixtures are modern and avant-garde, with innovative materials and shapes that contribute to the overall futuristic aesthetic. The space exudes a sense of sophistication and innovation, offering visitors a glimpse into the future of design and technology.

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China Petroleum Exhibition Hall
Future Sense Petroleum Exhibition Hall
Futuristic Exhibition Hall Design
Design of Technology Exhibition Hall
Interior design of futuristic exhibition hall
Interior Design of Future Technology Exhibition Hall
Futurism Exhibition Hall Interior Design
floor plan of  Exhibition Hall Interior Design

Futurism Style Exhibition Hall

The futuristic style petroleum exhibition hall interior design is a spacious space filled with various electronic screens. There is a huge white dome structure in the exhibition hall interior design, similar in shape to a spaceship, adding a sense of future. Through this futuristic style exhibition hall, cutting-edge technology and innovation in the fields of petroleum and energy are showcased.