modern concise coffee shop design

Xinjin Cafe Shop Design


Design: Sanhai Design

Address: Chengdu

Construction objective: Coffee Shop

Content: Coffee Shop Design

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coffee shop design floor plan
coffe shop design construction drawings
CAD construction drawing of coffee shop
Table arrangement in the cafe next to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows
Neutral toned cafe interior
Coffee shop with wooden tables, chairs and wall coverings
Huge reading wall and comfortable chairs in the coffee shop
Cafe outdoor terrace seating area
Coffee tables and chairs are neatly arranged in the small garden by the river
A cafe with an open bar on the first floor and full transparent glass on the second floor.

Coffee Shop Design

The coffee shop design is characterized by its minimalist approach, with a neutral color palette and uncluttered layout. The walls are painted in soft, muted tones, allowing the natural light to fill the space and create a warm ambiance. The furniture is sleek and understated, with clean lines. Contact us for free coffee shop design consultation!