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Interior Design Full Set Service (3D Max Rendering Floor Plan and Construction Drawing)

Interior Design Full Set Service (3D Max Rendering Floor Plan and Construction Drawing)

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This interior design service provides a full set of solutions, including 3D Max Rendering, Floor Plans and Construction Drawings. With over 10 years of experience, you can rely on us to bring your vision to life.

Sanhai Interior Design Online Interior Service Details:
1. Reference Presentation
2. Floor Plan
3. 3D Max Rendering
4. Construction drawing
5. Materials list
6. Material selection guidance
7. Coordinate with your constructor workers during decoration
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Sanhai Interior Design

Discover the Perfect Blend of Style and Function with Our Interior Design Solutions

3D Rendering

TVWall Background Design Interior Design

Construction drawing show

floor plan of home interior design
construction drawing of house interior design
house construction drawing of interior design service

Interior Design Service Detail

Sanhai's global online interior design service includes the following content:

Architecture Interior Design Determination Intention PPT of Interior Design Service

1. Reference Presentation

The architect designer and interior designer send interior design solutions on interior decoration design PPT materials and discusse interior design details in online meetings. Confirm the architectural interior design style together.

Interior Design Content includes: Location analysis,Site analysis,Regional division,Design elements and reference drawings (outline)

interior design floor plan full house master plan

2. Floor Plan

Interior master plan includes Spatial layout,Floor plan,Elevation and so on.

Interior home detailed display of the building design or structure's walls, doors and windows, stairs, floors, and internal functional layout interior design.

girl's bedroom interior design 3D max rendering

3. 3D Rendering

Interior designers can present home interior design ideas to customers in a realistic form through 3D rendering. It helps customer better understand the interior design plan, including interior design spatial layout, material selection, home furniture placement, etc., thereby providing more accurate feedback and opinions for interior design. This helps improve interior design services efficiency, reduce errors, and provide customers with a better online interior design service experience.

interior design Construction Drawings

4. Construction Drawings

● House Interior Design Description

● Wall location plan & Demolition/Build Wall Diagram Plan (Retrofit Project)

● House Layout plan & Furniture plan

● Ground Paving Drawing

● Comprehensive Ceiling Drawing & Layout of ceiling design

● Positioning diagram of ceiling lighting fixtures & Lighting connection diagram

● Elevationthe & Detail drawing of nodes

Material list of interior design

5. Materials list

Material list of whole interior decoration design. Detailed quantity of materials and budget reference list improve efficiency and accuracy of interior renovation.

Material selection guidance of villa interior design

6. Material selection guidance

In order to better restore the interior design effect, our renovation designer also provide reference prices and brand styles for decoration materials, furniture and other soft decoration materials for house interior design.

Interior design services, construction site communication

7. Coordinate with your construction team online

Our interior design service also includes high quality after-sales service. If you don't understand any questions during decoration, you can continue to consult.

sanhai interior design service process